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    DZ77GA-70K  with bios 49 causing problems with e-sata drive


      I just installed the GAZ7711H.86A.0049 bios (was previously at level 39). on DZ77GA-70K MB which appears to have broken something with e-sata handling on boot.  I have a WD 2tb MyBook drive connected to the rear e-Sata port.  My boot drive is internal on Sata 0 and is set to 1st boot device.

      Since the bios update the system will not boot and lock up if the WD e-sata drive is attached.  If I unplug the drive the system boots normally. Previously had no problem leaving the drive connected.  I have checked all the bios settings, tried resetting to defaults and various combinations with out success.


      To be clear, if I connect the drive after boot, the drive is working fine.


      Intel needs to be made aware of this problem.