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    intel d975xbx2 8gb of ram

    Asaf Toledano



      when I put 8gb of ram my windows 7 is not boot (see the logo of windows 7 stuck). now all of my 4 sticks (4gb x2) are the same from corsair

      4GB DHX Memory kit for dual channel systems, 800MHz, 5-5-5-15, 1.80V.


      link: http://www.corsair.com/en/twin2x4096-6400c5dhx.html


      I checked all of my sticks work 100% (separate them in 4gb mode, put them in the black slots and blue slots, working perfect in 2 sticks mode totally 4gb).

      the motherboard detect all memory sticks (8gb mode) in the bios also I have the latest bios version.

      corsair say

      *Guaranteed to work on all dual channel Intel and AMD platforms


      *Designed for use with all DDR2 motherboards with two memory channels


      in bottom line this motherboard can handle 4gb of ram but not in 8gb of ram (identical sticks) the motherboard support 8gb of ram in specs. so what could possibly be the problem?

      I really need your help




      thank you.

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          Hello Asaf,

          I understand that you are not able to use more than 4GB of RAM memory or your operating system will not boot.

          I recommend you to try reinstalling the operating system as the motherboard seems to be handling the memory properly as it is being recognized in BIOS and you are able to POST. This seems more like an operating system problem.



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            You might try getting into the BIOS settings and increase the memory voltage (vDIMM) by .1. or .2V.  I had to do this for my Bad Axe 2 using Corsair Dominator modules. They were rated at 1.8V, but if I filled all four memory slots I had to increase the memory voltage to 2.0V before the board would run stable.

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              Asaf Toledano

              i understand you know this type of motherboard are you sure its not harm the memory stick?  

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                +0.1 or +0.2 won't hurt the memory modules.  I would not go any higher than that.


                Boot the machine from the Windows 7 distribution DVD and select the memory test from the start menu. Run the test for at least one hour, but if you can let it run for four hours or so that would be better.  The test should report no errors.

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                  Asaf Toledano

                  i don't understand the motherboard specs support up to 8 gig of ram, why costumers need to config and test things???



                  thanks for your help.

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                    I think in this case the problem is while everything is allegedly "in spec," there is a great deal of variation in the parts that get delivered to the consumer.  If my diagnosis is correct, which it may not be...it's sometime difficult to say from a distance...changing a few settings in the BIOS setup is really a very simple remedy,


                    The symptoms you describe reflect what I have found to be a common issue with socket 775 motherboards in general. I have seen the same behavior in boards from ASUS and Gigabyte and all responded well to the same remedy.


                    I note that your XBX2 motherboard has been out of production for several years. All electronic equipment degrades with time, even if it has not been used and was just sitting on a shelf gathering dust until put into service. What you are experiencing may be a result of normal component aging. Things still work, but perhaps have fallen a bit out of normal tolerances.


                    By the way, that reminds me. You should change the battery that sustains the setup data stored in the motherboard's CMOS memory. They typically last two to three years. In some cases a depleted battery will allow the setup data to become corrupted which can also lead to boot problems as you describe.  The remedy in this case is to remove the old battery, use the jumper on the motherboard to "clear" the data in the CMOS (see the manual, but you can just let the board sit with the mains disconnected and the battery removed for an hour or so) then replace the battery.  When the board powers up, enter the BIOS setup (the "F2" key when prompted) and select "load optimized defaults" (or something like that), save the changes and exit setup by pressing the "F10" key.  The board will restart on its own and you can enter BIOS setup again to re-set any personal preferences you may have previously set.

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                      Asaf Toledano

                      i try to get up the voltage up to 2.3v (considered with corsair about the limit) but still get blue screen and windows restart automaticly

                      what could possibly be the problem ? why this board cannot accepte 8 gig of ram by corsair? (all identify module same specs)

                      the bios recognized the 4 sticks i have. also i am working on 64 bit operation system

                      i really need help i am lost

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                        DId you replace the CMOS battery and reset the BIOS settings as I noted in the last paragraph of message 6?


                        WE need to keep the computer from rebooting when it has a BSOD event so we can see the specific error.  To do that:


                        Click on the start button, then click on "control panel".


                        In the search box in the control panel window, enter "advanced."  Click on "view advanced system settings."


                        Click on the "settings" button in the Startup and Recovery pane


                        remove the checkmark from the "Automatically Restart" box. and click on OK, then click on OK again.


                        The next time the computer has a BSOD, record the error code and event ID and report.

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                          Asaf Toledano

                          when i see a blue screen i see error code



                          can it say something to you?

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                            It's a start.  The irql_not_less_or_equal error is associated with memory, but it can also be the result of a poorly written device driver.


                            There should be a 12 or 15 (maybe more)  character alphanumeric accompanying this message that will help to identify the specific fault. Also, a file name may be listed, too.  All of that is useful data.

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                              Asaf, have you run the memory diagnostic that comes with Windows with all four memory slots loaded?

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                                Asaf Toledano

                                i will do it right now but the blue screen will automatically restart

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                                  If the test won't run with all four modules installed, run it with two at a time.

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                                    I have the same motherboard, and i had the same issue.

                                    If you want to upgrade to 8 gb of memory , it is very easy to do so :

                                    just follow these steps.

                                    Turn off your pc, remove all the memory , let it stay for few seconds, and install all 4 slots. Each slot 2 gb, x 4 equals 8 gb,

                                    This mobo wont take more than 2 gb per slot. You have to remove all the memory because bios needs to reset the memory readings , saying so,

                                    Have fun. If you have the book for this mobo , you can find the information in the prospect

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