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    Drive space problem


      paceQuick question really, is this "intel(r) graphics media accelerator drive forums" vital to my computer?
      Because my computes had like 80 gigabite total space of which 37gigabite is because of this program which really bugs me.
      Would I find any problems in deleting it?


      Thanks in advance

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          Hi there!


          Can you post a screen shot of the Intel graphics media accelerator drive forums? I do not see this is part of the graphics drivers, it seems to be customized by your computer manufacturer and in that case, you will need to check with them for further assistance.




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            At first, thank you very much for replying to my problem.



            At second, I don't understand what I have to take a screeshot of, because your answer states I have to post a image of the forums itself (misstyped yourself there probably)  if its an image of the program I would have to post onto the forums it would be just its name, which is "intel(r) graphics media accelerator drive forums" and behind it 37.1 GB.
            It was installed in 2011 while my computer was purchased in 2010.
            This is pretty much all I can say at the moment.


            Again thank you very much^^