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    D525MW Serial Port Assignment Mystery


      I built two similar Intel D525MW based W7/32 systems (I chose that board because I wanted real serial ports). Here's the mystery, On one system the back panel serial port is Com 1, and the MB header is Com 2, but on the other system the port assignments are reversed, Com 2 on the back panel, Com 1 on the header.


      I'm sure I must be missing something simple but I can't find anything in the bios or documentation about changing the com port assignments.The boards are as they came out of the sealed bags. I would appreciate any help or suggestions.



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          We would like to inform you that COM ports are automatically assigned by the Operating System you have installed and cannot be manually changed. For further information on this topic we recommend contacting Microsoft*.

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            Thank you for your reply. It's leaves me with a number of unanswered questions.

            Why would two installations of W7, on the same model Intel MB, installed from the same DVD (different product keys), with the same memory and drives, choose different COM port assignments?


            If the COM port numbers are randomly assigned by Windows why would motherboard documentation specify the COM number for the ports?


            Why, in many years of working with PC hardware, have I never experienced COM port numbers switching when wiping or replacing a disk and reinstalling the OS?


            Sorry, I'm not convinced that the hardware or maybe BIOS didn't play a part in this.