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    DZ68DB Bios 032 to 043 Upgrade, Beware


      I have now bricked two DZ68DB motherboards trying to upgrade them from Bios 032 to 043.


      How is this possible? ... just follow the instructions provided by Intel.


      Sorry to sound bitter but having just received a replacement DZ68DB and hoping again to be able to load the latest Bios on it I failed a second time. I thought my first attempt was a genuine failure in the process so when I received my replacement board I again tried the F7 method, followed the instructions to the letter and got the exact same result even after the 'Successfully Updated Bios' message appeared on the screen just before it rebooted (see the picture below, I didn't photograph the final message but all results were good).


      The system powers up but there is no actual start, even at the most basic level. There seems to be no power to the USB ports, evident by no lights on my USB keyboard, and although the fans plugged into the motherboard work they run at full speed without any control by the system.


      In my attempts at restoring it I followed the recommended USB recovery procedure but it fails because the system seems to simply stop as soon as power is applied. There is no progress to the point where any media can be accessed even with the Bios configuration jumper removed.


      There is no physical damage to the board (I just got it!), it operated normally (on Bios 032) until the Bios update was attempted. There are no failure beeps or other indications on start up.


      I am simply amazed by this, how can a Bios released to provide improvements kill a system so completely?


      Other users on this forum have mentioned they had success with this upgrade, some transitioned from 032 to 040 first then to 042 and 043. Maybe this is a factor, who knows ... I have found this whole process very disheartening, one month on from my upgrade attempt and I'm still without a usable system. Intel processors are fantastic, motherboards it seems not so much (in my experience).


      Now it seems I'm faced with another warranty claim unless I can recover this situation somehow, I would appreciate any suggestions.


      Some details :


      - The only external connections are power supply, monitor and USB keyboard.

      - I have two Ripjaw 4GB memory sticks (F3-10666CL9D) and an i5-2500K CPU installed.

      - I removed one of the memory sticks to see if this made a difference but no change.

      - I have yet to try another power supply, might do this just to be sure.




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          Are these the instructions you followed?



          And if these were the instructions you followed did you take the processor upgrade path?

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            Thank you for the reply.


            I did check the document you indicate in preparation for the update. Part of the reason for doing it was to be able to install a newer third generation CPU at a later time. As mentioned in my first post I currently have an I5-2500K, my intention was to run the latest Bios with this CPU and have the option to upgrade later.


            This document http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?Boardname=dz68db specifies the compatible processors for the DZ68DB board and the minimum Bios versions that are suitable for each type. In the case of the I5-2500K it is 0011. This is an early version which makes sense because this board was released for this generation of CPU, the newer CPU's require a minimum version of 0040.


            With regard the document you indicated, as I read it if I was installing a 3rd generation CPU and had an older non compatible Bios then special steps are required to transition to the newer compatible Bios versions (0040 and later) and 3rd generation CPU. But if you are not installing a 3rd generation CPU you can update the board to the latest Bios version, remember only a minimum Bios number is specified.


            Perhaps I'm wrong in this interpretation, do you see it differently?

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              I think I see the problem. Because the current installed bios on the board is not at the transition level for gen 3 cpu[0040] then you need to follow the path via the lower left corner box of the flow chart which is to 1st flash to the transition bios level, then flash to a later version [0043]

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                Yes, this is a very good point and it might be the cause of the issue.




                In the PDF version of the 6 Series Update Flowchart ( found here http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/6series_update_flowchart10.pdf ) there is a table which indicates that the '3rd Gen-Transition Bios Version' is actually 0032! My original Bios.


                From this information my understanding is that the term transition refers to the starting point at which you should start the upgrade process to the newer generation CPU's.


                So as per the table if you have an AA-104 or earlier DZ68DB board and want to install a 3rd generation CPU, you must first upgrade to the transition Bios 0032 (if necessary) then continue with the special steps to allow you to install the 3rd generation CPU.


                Also from the table, '3rd Gen-Ready Bios Version' are 0040 or later. So if you have these Bios you are ready for newer CPUs as well as being able to use older CPU's.

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                  Yes, I see what you saying now. Following the flowchart wording striclty, it shouild be fine to move from 0032 to 0040 or later in one step with the only proviso before installing a gen 3 cpu is that your ME is at version 8 or later.


                  One does wonder though if Intel's wording in the flowchart is exactly correct for your path. Perhaps the 'or later' statement in the box 2nd from bottom on rh side is only valid if you have followed 'yes' from the 2nd from bottom lh side box.

                  If at the box 2nd from bottom lh side you were on the 'no' path, then 'or later' doesn't apply and so then your update path would be:

                  If currently less than 0032 - update to 0032, then 0040, then later version. [the 'no' path]

                  If currently at 0032 - update to 0040, then later version [the 'yes' path]

                  Then regardless of which path above is used, if ME is less than 8, use recovery method to update that as well.


                  Edit: Ah wait, your on the 'yes path, so it still doen't add up.....let me revise this again [damn it's sooo convoluted!!!!]

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                    No, your right! Going from 0032 to 0043 should have worked, unless Intel have stuffed up slightly and only 0040 is capable of updating the ME in recovery mode and the 'or later' statement is not valid for 0032 boards, but ME seems to be a part of all the versions at 0040 or above, so.........my brain hurts!!!! 

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                      Thanks for taking the time to trouble shoot this with me, much appreciated.


                      The first question on the flow chart is 'Are you going to install a 3rd Gen Core processor?'. For me the answer is 'No', so this points to 'Update the board to the latest Bios version' end of process.


                      I do wonder if as you suggest applying Bios 0040, the first of the '3rd Gen-Ready Bios' versions, and then the later 004X versions would have given a working result. Sadly this is an academic exercise now because my motherboard does nothing when powered up, so I cannot test this. It appears I may have discovered something the hard way, at least for the specific upgrade of Bios 0032 to 0043.


                      Interestingly when preparing to upgrade I saw that other users on the forum successfully installed Bios 0043 on a DZ68DB board with non 3rd Generation CPU's but now I suspect that they updated as the Bios versions were released and therefore would have installed 0040 first and then continued to the later versions.


                      I think if I were to install a 3rd generation CPU into my motherboard as it is it would burst into life. Considering I received the 'Bios upgrade successful' message and there are no indications of any hardware problems this seems to make the most sense.


                      I wonder if Intel would send me one to fix the situation? lol ... I have to keep my chin up :-)


                      More ideas on how to save this predicament are welcome, and thanks again for your contributions.

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                        Hi Modo, your welcome

                        Yes, I also read the first question and again it is a question that is ambiguous and open to interpretation.

                        Your interpretation is 'to-the-letter' correct, but it is not what is meant.

                        The question should have been 'Do you intend to install a gen3 cpu now or in the future', to which you would answer yes and then be on the correct path.

                        This of course must be the correct interpretation, otherwise the whole flowchart is pointless.

                        But I know that you know this and that we are both being 'to-the-letter' antagonistic in order to point out Intel's shortcomings in creating this flowchart. 


                        On re-reading the chart [yet again] it must be that flashing 0040 first is a critical step, otherwise the question in the middle lower box is pointless. i.e if 0032 also updates ME to 8, then there is no need to be asked this question at lower middle.

                        But then if this is true, then that makes the 'yes' path from  2nd from bottom middle box incorrect/pointless, as at 0040 or higher, ME must also be 8.

                        But then the question at lower right suggests that to update ME, you must use recovery method.

                        If this is true, then it must also be possible for the bios to be at any version and ME to be not necessarily at 8.


                        But then, regardless of all the above, why doesn't your current processor still work? After all, question one is still vaild and so far this is all you have done.

                        If this is true, then you might expect a gen3 processor to not work, but your current one should.


                        Or is the 'no' answer open to interpretaion as well!! It could be that they meant to upgrade to the latest version bios but only for that m/b cpu combination.

                        Ahhhh!!! Intel.....it's all too cryptic!!!!!   I have more chance to decipher ancient egyptian!!

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                          Here is something which is interesting regarding the flow chart (http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/6series_update_flowchart10.pdf) and Management Engine (ME) Firmware versions.


                          For the first question I could only answer 'No' because all the 'Yes' paths lead to the installation of a 3rd Generation Processor. I did not want to do this, at least not yet, so it's 'No' for me no matter what.


                          You can also see from the chart that unless you have a 3rd Gen-Ready motherboard the only way to be able to install a 3rd Gen CPU is to update the Bios and the ME Firmware. In the case of the ME Firmware it must be 8.X or later no matter which path is taken.


                          If you look at the picture in my original post the ME Firmware is the first flashing that takes place, and it succeeded. Now if you look at the 'Bios Update Release Notes' for Bios 0043 you can see that it contains two versions of ME Firmware, one is 7 series the other is 8 series. If you continue down the document all the 004X Bios versions have two ME Firmware versions and then the older versions contain only a 7 series.


                          Here's my theory, the update program contained in Bios 0043 that runs the preparation tasks and then flashes the individual firmwares (again refer to the photo in my first post) made the wrong choice for Management Engine firmware!


                          First preparation task ... wrong choice ... carry on, complete all updates, initiate reboot (which is what happened) and POW! No successful start. In fact I'm going to shut down everything because you don't have the correct CPU installed for the Management Engine that is running.


                          It must not correctly identify the existing CPU in the system at that first preparation task.




                          I feel like Sherlock Holmes ... lol


                          ... anyway it's a theory

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                            I feel like Sherlock Holmes ... lol

                            Haha!!    My brain is like this atm - 'If - then - goto - else,,,,,wait......buffer overflow - divide by zero exception - bsod'

                            Yes, I had noted the EM versions and you theory looks good, will study this some more later 

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                              Yes, it's really hard to see any logical path.

                              Following the flow chart to the letter, if you follow the no path at the top, then you are forever stuck with that combination and can never install a gen 3 cpu, because if you then restart the chart and follow the yes path to install a gen3 cpu, you come unstuck at the lower lh box, because the box above that asks if your at the transition bios level, to which you must answer no, but then at the next box, your asked to 'update' to the transition bios [0032] which is imposible, as elsewhere in the notes it states that once the board has been flashed with 0040 or higher, it is no longer possible to flash any version less than 0040.


                              But I think what should be asked at 2nd from bottom lh box is "....transition bios OR gen3 ready bios.

                              Then you could answer yes and proceed on the path which simply involves updating ME to 8 using recovery method.


                              The program must be written such that if recovery is used, then it knows to update ME to 8 to enable gen3 support.


                              So, it should be that regardless of which path you follow at the top, you should always be able to update to gen3 at a later date, and the current cpu shuold run on 0040 or higher......maybe

                              But there's obviousy a requirement to be at 0032 first, before moving to 0040 or higher otherwise the whole lower part of the chart is invalid.

                              But if that's the case, then the chart is a setup if you follow the no path at the top and flash to 0040 or higher without first flashing 0032.

                              But if thats the case, then you pretty much on the path to installing a gen3 cpu and may have no choice but to complete the path to a gen3 cpu.

                              Which would mean that if you follow no at the top, then your stuck with current cpu, if you follow yes then you must install gen3 cpu.......ahhhhh!!!!!


                              In any event, your current cpu should still work, or you could never complete the path to gen3 cpu!!

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                                Thanks again for taking the time to ponder this situation with me. The conspiracy theorist in me makes me think this is a ruse by Intel to get you to buy a 3rd generation CPU! lol ... I have to keep the spirits up.


                                So, some further thoughts on my previous post where I put forward the idea that there is a bug in the specific method I used to upgrade the Bios.


                                It is entirely possible that someone wanting to upgrade to Bios 0043 from 0032 could succeed if, and only if, they do not follow the method I took. This would seem obvious but what I mean is if they employ an 'Express Update' or an 'iFlash Update' it won't be the same code making the decision about which Management Engine (ME) version to flash, so no problem, assuming my theory is right and there are no other bugs.


                                As for those that employed the F7 method to update to Bios 0043, again no problem if the decision tree within the code is traversed in a different way than I did. For example if they started with an earlier version of the 004X series Bios loaded on their motherboard and the code tests for this, then it would be a different part of the code determining which ME version to load for them. So in effect the issue is masked, 'Hey it worked for me using F7 method'.


                                The only way to test a theory is to repeat the experiment and guess what? I already have ... that's why I have a second bricked board ... so please for anyone else ... don't follow the steps I did, chances are that it will brick your motherboard. Only Intel themselves can confirm this theory and of course only they can verify the problem exists without doubt.


                                It would be great to get some input from Intel on this but these forums are vast, so many issues are covered. Statistically speaking if they start to get many claims involving motherboards that are inoperable after the Bios is upgraded then maybe it might raise the appropriate alarm bells.

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                                  As I posted elsewhere in this forum, I succeeded the following way with my second DZ68DB (the first one got bricked while transitioning from 032-040).

                                  The AA is 104

                                  The CPU is a Sandy bridge (i7 2600 or 2700, I forgot)

                                  The memory is stock Kingston DDR3 4x4GB = total 16GB @ 1333 Mhz

                                  032 BIOS  -->set defaults

                                  032 -> 042 using F7

                                  042 -> 043 using F7

                                  043 -> 043 using recovery (I was unsure about ME the first time)

                                  No overclocking (ever, neither before nor after update)


                                  Maybe I was just lucky?? But it does seem to work, incl. USB3 in fast boot mode and some other issues I had before. The memory voltage is 1.57V though, although the DIMM specs and BIOS (default) settings are 1.500V

                                  Note also that I applied 042 first not because I knew of an issue with 043, but because 043 wasn't there yet at that time. I was just waiting for something to avoid 040.


                                  I have no intentions of putting a IB Cpu in this board nor trying to overclock it. I don't believe that that will ever work.


                                  I do have an Asus 7 series board and that worked from the start flawlessly with an IB CPU.

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                                    Thanks for posting your steps in detail. I used the same method as you including setting defaults before starting the F7 method.


                                    The only differences I can see are both motherboards for me were AA-101 and the only upgrade I did was 0032 to 0043, also my Sandy Bridge is i5 2500K.


                                    All a bit inconclusive isn't it, good you ended up with a usable system though.


                                    Any clues as to what happened on the first attempt? What were the symptoms of your bricked motherboard?

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