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    Rapid Storage Email - No Authentication? REALLY?


      Does Intel really think there are still lots of SMTP servers out there that don't require authentication?


      I went to setup the email notifications in the Rapid Storage Technology software today after recently having a drive fail in the array and found no way to enter a username and password for the SMTP server to send through it...


      Really? SERIOUSLY?


      That's stupid...Does anyone know of alternate software (from Intel or not) to manage an Intel controlled array with PROPER email notification setup?



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          This might work.  I'll be trying it out later.




          I hope they update it with authentication. 

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            Did this work?


            I am currently looking into solutions using Gmail. I read that you can use Gmail to send non-authenticated to members of your own domain. Since I am only looking to send email to myself, this would be perfect.


            How to set it up though, I just sent a request for help on this with my gmail contact. We just started using Gmail this past week.


            I thought this was pretty crap... until I actually got it working. The function is great. The documentation is poor.


            Remember that Intel Rapid Storage is not generally for high end systems, it's kind of a medium level RAID solution. Therefore it is quite likely that people using it will not be so intimately familiar with SMTP policies.

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              Did some research and discovered that unauthorized SMTP mail service is allowed from my ISP and by Google Mail. I did not research to check carefully if it is necessary to have gmail set up in order to use theirs, but you set IRST to use aspmx.l.google.com and port 25.


              I set mine up to send from server@mydomain.com to myaccount@mydomain.com.


              I had to set up the spam filter with a special rule to allow server@mydomain.com since the rule of unauthorized SMTP goes to spam is higher priority than my existing nothinggoestospam general filter (I use POP).


              Interestingly, since this is working, I could presumably also set up a forwarding rule to forward from my user account (authorized) to my personal email account (non-gmail) and have the ability to monitor it from my phone while on vacation.


              It is a bit of a workaround, but if you think about it, the real benefit is that you don't need to create an account for each machine.When using this system on larger networks, I can use this method to send from anyaddress@mydomain.com and thus organize which machine is reporting.

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                Could not find a solution to this problem and thought I would post this when I did. I know this thread is 3 years old but I found it when i was having the issue so hopefully you will too.


                Google gmail has something called "Restricted Gmail SMTP server" where TLS is not required, Dynamic IPs are allowed but mail can only be sent to Gmail or Google app users. With this information I was able to get an email sent from the Intel Rapid Storage email notification page.


                Email configuration looked something like this:

                SMTP Host: aspmx.l.google.com

                Sender's e-mail address: "YourEmailAddressHere"@gmail.com

                Recipient e-mail address: "YourEmailAddressHere"@gmail.com


                Again, this will allow you have your system send you an email notification from Intel Rapid Storage Technology only to a gmail addresss.


                Hope this helps



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                  Hi there,


                  Thanks for posting this. Intel has really failed us on this utility to send notifications!


                  After attempting your solution using the gmail server, I get a email test successful message, however I still don't get an email in my gmail inbox.


                  Is this normal?

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                    Showed up in my gmail spam folder.  Had to unmark as spam, and create a new filter for them to be in a different folder and with an important tag.

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                      I received an error from the intel app while sending a test email with the configuration tquiram noted: "This test verifies the configuration of system e-mail notification. Test status: Unable to connect." And that's with the computer in the DMZ of my router. Never reached my inbox. Any ideas?

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                        A reply to everyone who's posted in the many threads I've found on this topic here. It might not be to everyone's taste but it worked for me.

                        Also joe_intel who sends people with this problem to this thread.


                        I didn't like the Gmail solution since it seemed that Google could withdraw that unauthenticated mail server at any time, so I installed my own.

                        hMailServer now sits on my machine and passes mails from Intel Rapid Storage Technology to Outlook.

                        This is the good account of setting it up that I used

                        How To Setup Your Own Pop3/IMAP Email Server for Local Development Testing - PeterKellner.net


                        Set up a domain of something like localmail.com and a mail account of DISK_REPORT@localmail.com. IRST seems to be quite picky about what it regards as valid SMTP hostnames and email addresses. IRST sends messages to DISK_REPORT@localmail.com,  which has no password, with SMTP. Another account, say raid@localmail.com is for Outlook to pick them up from with POP. Outlook seems to need a password when you set up an account, so I gave this account a password on hMailServer. With Outlook, you set up the account just like any other. Messages from DISK_REPORT appear in my Inbox, but once you've got them to a proper mailtool, you can forward them where you want.


                        So far I have received the test mail from IRST but I have not tested if any real status mails get through.

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                          I couldn't believe it, but it looks like intel is only interested in customers security if it is popular and/or profitable enough. I wish the responsible product manager a million spams


                          But after 2 days of trying different possibilities i found a relative simple solution: E-MailRelay -- SMTP proxy and store-and-forward MTA

                          this sounds much more complicated than it is, it could be configured to simply take any unauthenticated and unsecured eMail and forward it to a auth & ssl smtp server. It runs as a system service and the installation is done in minutes (dont't forget to open the choosen port if installed on a different pc, but be aware not to open it for access from internet)


                          The downside is that you have to store the password for the secured smtp unencrypted on disk, therefore i created a separate email account only for this purpose, so my private mails remain safe.


                          hope this is useful for somebody and the million spams help intel to overthink their decision




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                            I found convenient service www.smtp2go.com. Provides SMTP relay service. If isn't necessary to send more than 20 messages per day, it is free.

                            It is possible to specify e-mails from which mail.smtp2go.com won't  request SMTP authorization.

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                              The software RAID (RST) has limited features like authentication, in this case you may need to look something like a Hardware RAID controller, this supports authentication.

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                                Missing authentication and secured connection is not a limited feature, that are absolut basics when it's about sending emails. It would be possible, and in this case it would be much smarter, to not implement email at all, by for example arguing rst is a desktop feature. But implementing something that is not usable in a real world scenario, let's me assume, there are complete idiots deciding at intel.


                                And i'm fairly sure about the idiots at intel, because i have decided to install server 2012 R2 essentials on that computer, which has a I218-V network controller and guess what? there's no driver for server OS! But when forced windows to install a I218-LM driver, the complete software package installs without problems. And i checked the .inf file, the installation is exactly the same for -V and -LM on win8.1 which afaik has the same architecture as server 2012 r2.


                                But perhaps intel needs a hardware raid controller to do basic networking, as it needs a hardware raid controller to send emails in a basic manner.


                                If you think you can force people to buy intel products this way, i have to tell you, that at least i, my friends, my customers and everybody who asks me, will avoid intel products wherever possible in future - congratulation.

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                                  Thank you for your post. We appreciate your feedback and your perspective.

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                                    I too had to set this up on many machines. The lack of authentication is a real problem but there is a very reliable albeit paid for solution. There is a program called Advanced SMTP Server

                                    The cost is $69 but the setup is pretty simple and once it's installed, you will never have to play with it again. I would rather have authentication in IRST but this I found to be reliable in a business setting where I had to be 100% sure it was going to work in the event of a failed raid volume. If you are running Windows 7 or a Server version of Windows you can install and setup your own smtp server as part of windows but that functionality was removed from Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

                                    Advanced SMTP Server - free download

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