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    no signal or black screen using dvi or hdmi with intel graphics 3000

    Carlos Guevara

      When I first built my pc I used a dvi connection to connect my proview monitor to intel graphics 3000 using a gigabyte z68a-d3h-b3 with the latest f13 bios. Everything worked great, then i decided to use my lcdtv as a display, so i removed the dvi monitor and hooked up the lcdtv with an hdmi cable. Worked with no issue. Once I was done I hooked the pc back up to my proview monitor through dvi and got no signal. So I decided to try the hdmi that was working previously but that also didnt work. I got an old vga monitor and hooked it up and that worked.


      So the vga monitor works, when just the dvi monitor is plugged in , there is no signal even during the post screen only reason i know its on is because i can access it remotely through my laptop.


      I have tried uninstalling the graphics drivers and reinstalling them, I have gone into the bios and it up so the onboard is always on, I have even install windows 7 again but nothing works. I have also tried to erase the cmos.


      If someone has gotten this isssue and fixed it please let me know how.

      My build is;

      i5 2500k

      no discrete gpu

      using onboard intel graphics 3000

      8 gbs corsair ram at 1333ghz

      60gb ocz agility 3 ssd

      1tb western digital storage drive

      600 w powercolor psu

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          Jan E

          Same Problem here with a i5-2500K and current onboard-drivers.


          If i deinstall em and use generic Windows-drivers, i am able to tune up to 1080p and everything works fine. But my DVB-Viewers are just stuttering. So far i have tested two 46" 1080p LED-TVs and two independent Cables. Via DVI my normal Office TFT is running just fine, so it is a Problem of the Driver. Please Intel, give us some clues. This Problem gets reported every now and then and still you have no idea were it comes from?

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            Carlos Guevara

            this is a know issue , some people i seen online had problems after driver update, but i didnt do nothing. Your in a better situation then me, I dont even get an image even during post. I got the vga to work but now im stuck using an olt crt monitor from 2000. Dvi and hdmi still dont work. I contact intel, they said update to latest driver, had no effect, they also told me to contact my computer manufacturer, which is gigabyte since i bulit the pc my self. So contact gigabyte and even though it has been less then a yr since i bought the mobo, they want me to pay for shipping to get the faulty mobo back to them. My son just had a problem with ps3 and sony sent him everything he needed to send it back to them and they paid shipping. So its not even worth it for me to send them it since i could probably go get a cheap gpu and hope that that works. For anyone who is thinking about combining intel i5 2500k with gigabyte mobos, DONT DO IT unless ur going to use dedicated graphics.