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    Intel HD 3000 Youtube Stutter


      I have Intel HD 3000 which I run with Nvidia 540M. I updated the drivers recently to and I can see that youtube videos stutter sometimes.


      Why is that?


      When I switch to Windows Classic theme in Windows 7 64bit, I can see that when i minimize the window I can see that it leave imprints on the desktop widget.


      For example :


      I am reading New York Times on Google Chrome and I minimize it, the widget on the desktop gets New York times imprinted on it lol


      Please fix this.

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          try updating the Intel HD Graphics 3000 drivers to version

          if that doesn't help, try using a different version of Adobe Flash Player to view Youtube videos.

          If you are viewing YouTube videos with Mozilla Firefox and Flash Player 11.3, you may want to uninstall Flash 11.3 and install an older version.  Most Firefox users are having problems with Adobe Flash Player 11.3 and are using older versions like Flash 11.2.