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    selling vPro to the end user

      I am trying to sell VPro to my end Users but am having a lot of resistance to the concept. most of the management thinks "why fix whats not broken" even though there are better ways of doing the job. what are some of the ways that you have been able to overcome the hurdle of selling vPro beyond the IT department?

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          My reply in to say: "Why wait for it to break when we can prevent it... and the cost associated with the down-time."  Intel vPro is a tool that allows preventive measures to be taken BEFORE there is a breakage. Keeping business systems up and running is far less expensive than fixing failures after the fact.  Installing Intel vPro in all of my customers new purchases has allowed me to seperate my customer's hardware refresh rate from their software refresh rate. We can now cycle vPro hardware every 7-10 years instead of the 3-5 year cycle for consumer grade computer systems found in many small businesses. I sell Microsoft Software Assurance with my vPro systems so the customer can then budget their software refresh with a consistent annual number and  seperate software cost from the hardware.  My DQ35JO vPro installs have lived comfortably through Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, plus three versions of Office, and now preparing for Windows 8 .  They were installed 2005-2006. I am in year 7 and I can see my customer using them for another year or two.