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    Front Panel USB not working (main Intel DH55TC)



      As title, Front Panel USB not working when I start windows 8 RP x64 (use Fast Startup). If I restart windows 8 or use "Traditional" shutdown, Front Panel USB working normally.


      In addition, when I shutdown Windows 8 and don't turn off supply, then start again, My system is not responding at POST screen. If after shutdown windows 8, I turn off supply, wait a minute, then start again, My system working normally.

      My System:


      CPU: Core i5 760

      Main: Intel DH55TC

      RAM: Corsair 8GB 1333hz (4x2GB)

      HDD: OCZ SSD vertex 2 90GB and Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green

      VGA: Gigabyte GTX 550Ti

      OS: Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview x64


      Please help me,