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    DX79SR intermittent bios hang at E7


      Have not been able to pin down any pattern to this issue. It's happened 4 times so far.

      Please post here if you've had a E7 hang on any of the DX79 boards.

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          Since we don't have any reports regarding this issue, we recommend unplug the power cord, remove all non-basic components just minimal configuration, connect the power cord back in and try to boot up the system. If problem does not take place, try installing the other components one at the time until you find out which is the conflicting one since the POST code is very general and could be related to any component on the system.

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            Hi Dan,

            The board has only ever been in minimalist config. and sitting on a cardboard box.

            Vga, bd-rom drive and hdd[s] are the only items plugged in.

            Vga is Gigabyte gtx680

            Optical is Lg BD-rom BH14NS40

            Hdd[s] are Seagate ST2000DM001

            Power supply is Seasonic 80+ platinum 1kw

            Bios is 0525 running defaults except raid or ahci and efi enabled or disabled.


            These exact same components have been running on a Gigabyte Assassin 2 motherboard which has undergone dozens of win 7 x86 x64 install and reboots [testing various configurations] without a single hang.


            I can't be certain as yet, but I'm sure it has happened with either booting over the intel c600 or marvell controllers.

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              The hang situation is becoming a nightmare, on one installation of win 7, it hung 3 times. Once after the first restart of win setup then two times consecutively on vga restart!

              It's even hung booting the win7 dvd. The hang occurrs at the starting windows splash screen, the twirling dots of the windows logo freeze just as they appear.

              x86, x64, marvell, intel, raid, non raid, user restart, OS requested restart - doesn't matter, it's hung on all configs at any time.

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                My latest install of win7 x64 [chasing the usb3 issue] suffered 4 hangs at either E7 or F8 at various times.

                Once immediately on a restart after finishing the install of x64 [f8]

                Then on the resart after installing chipset drivers [E7]

                Was ok for  while after that. Installed EM, vga, usb3 front, usb3 rear drivers without any hangs.

                Then on the restart after installing audio it hung [F8]

                Installed lan and wlan without any hangs [always doing restarts to check for the hang and slow boot issue]

                Then after running experience index and doing a restart, it hung again [F8]


                All the hardware that is connected to the board [cpu, mem, vga, hdd, k/b, ps] is the same hardware that I have been connecting to a Assassin board, which has undergone dozens of win installs and 100's of restarts without a single hang.


                Given that no-one else seems to be having this trouble or the usb hdd hang at 5A issue, I'm begining to think that there is something wrong with it.

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                  Very confident that I have nailed this one down as well.

                  After moving my Logitech DiNovo wireless usb keyboard/mouse dongle to a internal usb header in persuit of the usb hdd 5A hang problem [another thread here], I have done a full install of win 7 x64 with all drivers and not a single hang! This has never happened before!


                  This problem does no happen on Gigabyte's G1. Assassin 2 motherboard, which has nearly the exact same chipset [different audio codec], so it would seem to be an issue with this boards bios.


                  I'm sure that if the 5A hang issue was fixed, that it would also fix this hang issue.


                  The workaround at the moment is to leave the k/b dongle on the header, but this is not a viable long term solution, as the dongle will want to be at the back of the machine, out of harms way and also not taking up valuable and needed front usb port real estate.

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                    Have done a few more installs [chasing usb3 issue] and still no hangs, so defintely an issue with bios tripping over this configuration of usb wireless dongle and usb hdd in rear usb2 ports,


                    Edit: the above is for the 5A hang

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                      With respect to the E7 hang, I have noticed that it only occurrs at the exact moment that E7 is displayed on the screen in the lower right corner.


                      The hang also sometimes occurs at F8 or 00, just as the 'starting windows' splash appears, but mostly E7.


                      It may also be, that after installing windows updates, that the rate of occurrance drops off, but need to test that some more.

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                        Thanks for this post - reading it really helped me to track down a similar issue.  I had an intermittent hang problem that was resolved by disconnecting an Inland USB wired 3D Optical Mouse.  I would also get E7 hang, or sometimes it would get to the Starting Windows splash.  This happened on my PowerSpec G213 system, DX79SI motherboard.  The hanging might not happen for days, and then come back and prevent windows from booting up all the way. 

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                          Our recommendations for this issue would be to make sure you have the latest BIOS version install on you system. I also recommend you to install the latest Marvell drivers. You will find that information on the following link:



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                            hi rohd

                            me to i have this problem with mb intel dx79sr me after that changaing vga xfx ati 2gb r7870 to asus matrix hd7970 platinum 3gb my pc e7 hanged. after that my pc hanged e7 with before vga xfx ati 2gb r7870 icant any solve for this problem