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    Red Led on DX79SI


      Hi everyone,


      I work on a computer shop and we have a problem with an assembled pc.

      The computer is completly freezing randomly. I have to reboot it.

      It happens when my customer is playing games or watching full HD movies.

      I notice something when it happens :

      (from 1:15)

      DX79SI - YouTube

      Then i looked on intel website for technical specifications and in found this :

      Led Status - hebergeur d'image - Casimages.com -

      The red led is the 13th one ==>+5 V Standby power indicator

      So what does it mean ? What's wrong with this led ?


      FYI the led is ONLY red when the computer is freezing otherwise it's OFF.

      We already replaced all the components.


      Here's the configuration :

      • Intel DX79SI
      • Intel I7-3930K
      • Corsair Vengeance DDR3, 1600-8Gb (Kit)
      • Antec Truepower Quattro 1200W
      • Asus Nvidia GTX680
      • SSD 330 Series 180Gb + WD 2TB


      If anyone could help us, it could be great

      Thanks in advance and sorry for my english


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          Any ideas ?

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            Van Lier,


            Are you sure you're looking at the +5 V Standby Power Indicator LED? The +5 V Standby Power Indicator LED is green to show that power is still present even when the computer appears to be off.


            Right next to it (both sides) are the Watch Dog Fire/Back to BIOS and CPU Error LEDs. These are red.


            I suggest verifying that you're looking at the correct LED, then return to the Technical Product Specification for an explanation.




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              I’m not sure this is the +5 V Standby
              Power Indicator LED what I’m looking. But I’m sure that’s the 13th



              There’s something strange… When I look
              the Technical specifications from your link and I compare it with the ones that
              I found on intel.com, there’s 2 differences. (see 2nd attachment).



              So, if your specifications are the good
              one, it might be a CPU error. We already changed the processor before cause of
              the same problem.






              Thanks for your time





              Best regards,


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                I have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM so frustrating!!! I just RMA my board and get the same issue.


                16bit Corsair RAM


                Intel ssd 520series 240gb

                1100 Watt PSU

                intel I7 3960x


                Tried every part expect a new CPU. multiple fresh windows installs. No1 can help me either

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                  I just checked my spec Looks like that is the CPU error LED light. funny because I have stress tested my CPU at 100% for over an hour and my computer wont freeze but once I get into a video intense situation it will freeze.

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                    Fixed with intel bio update 0460!!

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                      Hi everyone,


                      i hope u can help me, because i got the same probleme. After i updated the bios with the update 0559 i still

                      have the problem of freezing/blocking system, mainly when i play games.


                      it's realy frustrating and i dont know what to do else.