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    SCCM - Client connectivity error



      We are in the process of exploring vPro with SCCM 2007 in our lab environment.

      We followed the 'Quick Start Install Guide for MS CfgMgr SP1 Out of Band Management Rev1_9' to setup our CA and install SCCM

      and the appropriate post installation steps in SCCM.


      The Client PC in our environment: Dell Optiplex 755
      Bios Version : A12
      AMT Version : 3.2.2


      As we didn't have a 3rd party certificate(verisign, godaddy or comodo), we included the CA's certificate thumbprint

      value onto the AMT machine by logging into the MEBx.


      We had to change the MEBx default password from 'admin'.


      We also defined the new MEBx password in SCCM 'Out of Band Management' component properties.


      Now SCCM identifies the AMT PCs as status 'Detected', but we couldn't bring it to the state 'Provisioned'


      We have the 'Intel WS-Management Translator' installed and configured.


      We also tried the 'SelfSignedFix.vbs' following(http://communities.intel.com/openport/community/openportit/vproexpert/microsoft-vpro/blog/2008/08/19/intel-amt

      -321-selfsigned-certificate-issue-and-working-around-it-for-microsoft-system-configuration-manager-sp1) and get an error stating 'cannot connect to client'

      when the command "cscript SelfSignedFix.vbs https://VIRSRV4.VIRTUALDC.COM c:\temp N" is tried.


      We have made the new MEBx password in the 'SelfSignedFix.vbs' as well.


      The AMTopmgr.log says the following:
      Incoming Connection from
      Incoming data is - Configuration version: PKI Configuration.
      Count  : 14
      UUID   : 4C4C4544-004C-4810-8046-B9C04F314253
      Error: Hash list of AMT device 4C4C4544-004C-4810-8046-B9C04F314253 doesn't contain our provision server certificate hash.


      Are we missing any steps ?


      Please advise.


      Please let me know if i can provide any more information about out lab environment.


      Thanks & Regards


      Kumaran Alagesan