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    Intel HD Graphics 2000 Overclock


      Hi all, i recently bought a barebone PC which came with the motherboard (B75MU3+ Biostar), the cpu (sandy bridge 2400 i5) and the psu 500w. I couldn't find any ways to overclock the graphics gpu on the bios, but is there any way i can download an external software and utilize that to overclock the gpu? I tried powerstrip and intel extreme tuning utility and none of them worked. The tuning utility didn't even detect the graphics lol so are they locking me out from messing with the gpu? Theres this guy on youtube who overclocked his gpu  (HD 2000) from 850 to like 1700mhz. But he used a specific utility for his asus motherboard. Apparently mines don't work. Any suggestions? Thanks!


      Intel 2400 i5 Quad

      8.00 GB DDR3 1333

      windows 7 home prem 64bit

      Bios: Biostar

      Intel HD graphics 2nd gen (2000)

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          Hi there!

          The processor model i5-2400 is not unlocked, the graphics controller operates maximum dynamic frequency at 1.1 GHz, and this is only if the computer BIOS comes with video settings to set Max. Graphics frequency.

          Intel does not provide software or suggestions for over clocking options.