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    Please fix the broken Cedar Trail 2D performance


      As a Cedar Trail (Trial?) owner for a few months (ASRock AD2700-ITX) I've found by far the worst aspect to the driver performance on not just Windows 7, but Windows 8, and Linux also is the very lacklustre 2D acceleration.


      Xbit labs recently did a review/article on it here :-




      So at the moment it seems GMA 3600 & 3650 are by some orders of magnitude slower than the previous GMA 3150 and GMA 950 Integrated Atom GPU's when it comes to 2D, which I find in mid 2012 to be quite mind boggling.


      I know there have been issues since even GMA 500 & 600 with the PowerVR based drivers, but not to have a decent level of 2D performance by now in the 3rd strike of this hardware is quite annoying.

      I've even tested the latest driver under Windows 7 and Windows 8 RP, and any attempt to enable Aero on the desktop results in a juddery mess when just simply moving windows around. Disable Aero and you end up with a much better performing desktop, but cmon, even a GMA 950 had no issues whatsoever with Aero, and that is a six year old piece of display hardware...


      Any ideas on if/when/will this 2D performance will be fixed please?