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    Scrolling Drive Names?


      In the Visual Bios of my DZ77GA I note that the names/ID of two of my five listed SATA drives scroll from right to left, like an electronic marquee sign. The other drive names are stationary. Does anyone know what this is supposed to indicate? The two drives that scroll seemingly have nothing in common or amiss that I can see, one is on the chipset controller, one is on the third party controller, both drives are properly matched to the speed of the port to which they are attached. Both drives appear to operate as they should. I can't see why the Bios is seemingly drawing attention to them by scrolling their names. Also, it does this across several Bios versions, so not unique to a particular Bios number.


      Does anyone know the intent of this action?

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          Hey LeftyFeep,


          The SATA device names scroll if Visual BIOS thinks that the names will not fit in the window they are inhabiting. It is simply to ensure that you can read the whole name! Apologies for the confusion, you have nothing to worry about functionality-wise; admittedly, the scrolling should probably be prevented unless you hover over the names with your mouse pointer.