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    DH77DF addon PCIe TV cards




      got a new DH77DF and it refuses to recognize 2 of 3 PCIe TV DVB-S2 card in its PCIe slot.

      This cards even don't show in the bios where you can check which slot is populated. This board is a Mini-ITX so i have only one slot to try.

      I tried:

      - TBS DVB-S2 6922 -> NOT recognized in PCIe slot

      - TEVII DVB-S2 S470 -> NOT recognized in PCIe slot

      - DVBSky DVB-S2 S950 -> recognized in PCIe slot


      My intention was to get the TBS card running, i only tried the other for testing.

      I have several other boards from Asus were ALL cards are recognized well.

      I am quite disapointed by Intel again, cause it is my second time i got a Intel board and their boards are mainly causeing trouble.

      Of course i could buy another board, but the DH77DF is the only S1155 board on the market with a HTPC header for CEC devices.

      I also tried to upgrade to latest bios, but this has the bad effect that linux isn't booting anymore, at least in UEFI mode (which was no problem with the original first bios version). Anyway the bios upgrade didn't change the fact that the TBS DVB card wasn't recognized.


      Any idea?

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