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    Ram upgrade advice ?'s for "old" D865GBF


      I need some definitive information for my memory upgrade. I seem to be getting differing ideas from people and written things that I have found aren't always very helpful. Intel wont help with support as it's "too old".

      I have a desktop that I don't have any manufacturer name on but going by a Belarc Advisor report it says under "System Model": Intel Corporation. Under "Main Circuit Board": Board: Intel Corporation D865GBF AAC25843-401. When I bought it it had two 256 DDR PC3200 ram cards. I removed those and put two 512 DDR PC3200 cards in those same slots. I bought two 1G DDR cards, also PC3200, that I am wanting to put in.

      1: Also "Under the Main Circuit Board" it lists Bus Clock: 200 Mhz, which I have been told makes the memory bus 400 Mhz. Is this enough to make use of the PC3200? If not can the BIOS settings or something else be changed to utilize it? (I can get info to change the BIOS if necessary). Is it true that  having different speed cards (say 2700 vs. 3200) will work but the PC will default to the lower speed of the two? (not applicable in this case).

      2: Is it true that multiple cards should be paired up properly or the PC will not make use of dual channel? And is that still true here with DDR or only with DDR2 or DDR3?

      3: In this PC there are 4 ram slots. Starting from the CPU direction and going towards the HD I'll call them #1, #2, #3 and #4. There is a larger gap between #2 and #3. The two cards are in #1 and #3 slots. Belarc states this for the installed memory: Slot J6G1 has 512MB, J6G2 is empty, J6H1 has 512MB and J6H2 is empty. So I assume that is also listed as going the same direction I am using to number them, so Belarc starting with J6G1 as closest to the CPU.  Is my current ram in the optimum locations? Where should the two 1G cards go, assuming that I take out the 512 cards? Can I use the two 512's along with the 1G's, and if so where should each go? Are there any downsides to that kind of mismatching?

      I have XP 32 bit so I understand much more than 3G's is unusable anyway.

      Also can anyone tell me if this ram is likely to work OK? It's Infineon  HYS64D128320HU-5-B. Other numbers on it are 1GB, DDR, 400, CL3 and also PC3200U-30330-B0.

      Thanks for any help that can be given.