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    DZ77GA-70K, IDU reports Memory voltage of 0.71V

    Jaan Luts

      I'm at BIOS 49, have 16GB of Crucial 1600 MHz RAM set to 1.5V in Bios.

      However the IDU reports memory voltage as 0.71V, also there is a place in BIOS under real time monitoring what displays the same 0.71V for SDRAM voltage.

      Anybody else has this?

      Looks like a bug in Bios.

      I don't think the memory can work at 0.71V and the board is rock stable so far. I also didn't have any issues updating the bios from 21 to 49, used F7 method before operating system installation.



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          Without being an expert i saw that too once i installed my mobo (corsair 1600 with xmp 1 checked in bios) too and mine was showing 0.72v in IDU(and still is ) i google it and probably is showing the VTT Voltage of the ram which is 1/2 of the VDD voltage cause all the others software i have including aida/cpuid/hwinfo all show either 1.5v the default or 1.440volt.