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    Single socket motherboard with redundant PSU


      This will be my first post on INTEL communities and I hope you can help me.


      I'm trying to figure out the best possible configuration (for me) to setup a NAS.

      To do so I need - other than a JBOD server where all disks will be stored (already bought it) - a server and while I'm at it I saw - on one of my local retailers - the INTEL's P4300/P4200 line of server chassis. I read these are SSI CEB/EEB chassis and I'd like to know if it would be possible to use them with a standard ATX motherboard, since a dual socket board would be a little too much for the purpose.


      Currently I'm looking at the P4308XXMHGR (dual PSU + HS HDDs that are always welcome) with a Xeon E3 series, though I may even get a Xeon E5 as well if it'd be available in single socket system. Currently the "Intel® Server Board S1200BTLR" and the "Intel® Server Board S1400FP4" (not yet released) look interesting for me. Redundant PSU - while not critical - is always welcome and I'd pay the premium it requires for a peace of mind.


      Basically it all comes to: does the P4308XXMHGR server chassis support standard ATX motherboards (LGA1155) or SSI-ATX (Socket B2 -  not yet released)? I'm not much knowledge of the server market (yet), so I'm sorry if I'm making an obvious question, but I didn't found an answer on the internet yet.

      In case it doesn't support standard ATX / SSI-ATX, which alternatives are there?

      Thank you very much for your support.