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    Question about KB960804 patch and rolled up hotfixes


      I have a bunch of AMT 2.2 devices (dc7700).  Initially we used the USB key process to preload the PID/PPS pairs on all machines.  With the new KB960804 patch I can use SCCM inband provisioning and it's been working well except in a few cases.


      First some background.  Since SCCM would not work with the different PID/PPS pairs, I'm first provisioning them to the Intel SCS server that has all of the PID/PPS pairs imported.  Next, I do a full unprovision on the boxes and can then use SCCM to provision in-band.  This works fine for all devices that show up in the SCS console as PSK.


      The problem I have is that some devices were missed or have had the MB replaced and they are in PKI mode (I've verified the ME is still set to admin for the password).  Of course these fail in the SCS console but I then detect the ME in SCCM and try to provision the client in SCCM.  However, all of these boxes fail.


      After reading the great PDF posted HERE on deploying vPro and SCCM I have a question about the 960804 patch.  If you look, it specifically states that it replaces the 961328 fix.  This dealt with 2.2/2.6 boxes not provisioning in PKI mode.  However, in Appendix A of this same document there is a 959040 patch, which also deals with 2.2/2.6 devices in PKI mode.  I don't see any reference to this in the 960804 patch.  I also don't see it cross referenced in the 961328 patch.  Looking at the file versions it appears that the version is older than the latest 960804 patch, but I'm curious if that same problem has been fixed in the lastest patch since there is no record of it.  Since I'm having the same issue it makes me curious.