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    DX79SR can't install win 7 X64 to a raid volume on the marvell chip


      The setup:

      Cpu - i7 3960x

      ram - 32gb [4 x 8gb] G.skill 2400

      vga - Gigabyte GTX 680

      hdd - 2 x 2tb Seagate on grey marvell ports

      dvd drive - Lg BD on black intel port

      bios -  0525 - set to defaults except uefi enabled

      The hdd's have had mbr and partiton sectors wiped.


      The issue:

      When attempting to install win 7 x64 to a raid array on the marvell chip, the install fails at the 'choose a drive' screen with the error - "Windows cannot be installed to this disk"

      Details of which are: "This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu"


      Information gathered:

      This error only occurs with x64, x86 works fine, though of course only 2tb of the array is available with x86

      Here's the odd thing which may lead to an explanation and fix.

      Normally, a raid volume is not visible in win setup until the appropriate F6 drivers have been loaded.

      This is not the case with the marvell chip on this m/b, the raid volume is already visible before any drivers are loaded.


      Interestingly, it's the same when installing x86, the volume is already visible before any raid drivers are loaded.

      The difference being that x86 has no error message and will install, x64 has the errror message and won't install.

      If you do press ahead with installing x64, at the first reboot you will get a message - no bootable devices found.

      If you try to 'update' the phantom f6 driver with Intel's f6 x64 marvell driver, it loads ok but the error is still there


      So the question now is - why is the raid volume visible before an f6 driver has been loaded? Where is it getting this phantom driver from?

      Is it buried in bios somewhere? However it's doing this, I suspect it is the reason x86 works and x64 fails.

      It can't be from the win dvd, as I also have a Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 board which has the same chip config and the raid volume is not visible until you load the f6 driver and both x86 x64 work fine.


      All theories welcome