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    Upgrade laptop cpu i3 to i7




      I recently got a Packard Bell laptop as a gift and it comes with an i3 2310M, 4ghz Ram, 500gb Hard disk and a Nvidia 540M gpu. I'm very pleased with it as I can play all latest games and do several things at the same time e.g. working with a huge Java applet, listening to music, browsing the web with more than 30 tabs opened on Firefox etc. However, I want to upgrade its cpu and get an i7 and more precisely the 2670QM.


      All Packard Bell Easynote TS 11HR series, no matter if they have an i3, i5 or i7 cpu, have the same bios (I have flashed mine to the latest version), and also have the same motherboard, the SJV50_HR. So here comes the hard or easy part... Will I be able to upgrade the cpu easily or are there any compatibility problems that I'm not aware of?


      For instance, I'm aware of the different TDP statuses between the i3 (max TDP 35W) I currently have and the i7 (max TDP 45W) but we're talking for a mere 10 points more when it comes to i7, which I believe my laptop can handle and I'm willing to risk that. However, I'm not sure if my system is compatible with the i7 cpu when it comes to sockets and chipsets. My system has the HM65 chipset and the 988 B rPGA socket (also know as G2) and after conducting a little research on the web, some sources say that the 2670QM is for 988 A rPGA sockets (also known as G1) only and not compatible with the G2 while some others say that it is compatible with both sockets.


      If that helps, according to Intel's website my current cpu has the following "package size": 37.5mm x 37.5mm *rPGA988B) AND/OR 31mm x 24mm (BGA1023), while the i7 2670's is 37.5mm x 37.5 (rPGA998).


      I'm so confused... Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks in advance and please excuse my English.

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          I see that you want to upgrade your laptop processor, in this case due to the fact that the laptop manufacturer is the one that determines the compatibility between the laptop itself and any Intel processor, you most contact the laptop manufacturer so they can provide you a list of fully supported and tested processors for your particular laptop model.

          Keep in mind that Intel only manufactures the processors, but Intel does not determine compatibility with laptop systems.

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            Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I have asked my laptop manufacturer and waiting for their answer, however all my laptop components as well as the cpu I want to get, are all made by Intel. So, does it happen to know if the i7 2670QM cpu is compatible with Intel's HM65 chipset on a 988 B rPGA socket?

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              Please keep in mind that the compatibility between the processor and the laptop system is not determined by the chipset, but by the motherboard itself, hence, even when we manufacture the chipset, the chipset is provided to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) laptop manufacturer so they can modify it as their our needs.

              Now due to the fact that the chipset is modified by them, we do not know what limitation or changes they have make to the chipset, this is the reason that only the laptop manufacturer can provide you a list of fully supported processors for your laptop system.

              Currently we can only provide compatibility information between Intel processors and Intel desktop motherboards located at:


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                Oh, I see. Thank you very much for the clarification Adolfo. Repped you.