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    Games freeze on start-up!! - Intel HD Graphics 2000


      Hi, im experiencing severe issues with my intel HD graphics 2000.. It came with the i5 2400 sandybridge intel cpu, and I used to use nvidia 8400gs, which i heard is not as good as hd graphics, and it was draggy, especially when i drag the mouse on my desktop screen to select items with the blue shaded rectangle. After I removed the 8400gs, all the dragging was smooth as anything, and I could play Halo 1 smoothly as well.. One major problem or the issue i mentioned is that my pc frequently freezes with the Intel HD graphics as Default device.. When im playing games at random times it would freeze, but all the performance is fine. And i even tried switching monitors and cables which won't work. It NEVER used to freeze with the 8400gs before. And also when i do stress tests via the intel extreme tuning utility, and windows experience index scans, it would ALWAYS freeze as soon as i start it. Anything that utilizes the intel hd graphics gpu is seriously imminent to freeze the display. Some games like crysis, or team fortress 2 would start and freeze at the first logo display. But when I had the 8400gs, the games i mentioned would start up fine but the gameplay is draggy as hell. And i see people making videos on youtube able to play battlefield 3 and all that stuff with the intel HD smoothly on low settings. Even on intel, they say that some of the latest games like batman arkum city and bf3 is supported. I even downloaded the latest driver which is the for intel as well as the latest direct x version. I don't know whats wrong with my graphics, please help!!! Thank you so much


      Here are my specs:


      Motherboard: BIOSTAR B75MU3+
      Intel i5-2400 CPU (Quad core)
      8.00 GB DDR3 (1600 mhz)
      64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS
      Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 2nd Generation (Internal) version: 8. 15. 10. 2761
      DDI Version: 10.1
      Total memory (Graphics) : 1760 MB