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    workstaion with endless reboots

    peter braun


      i have got the following problem:

      our new 2 workstations alwaysy rebooting when Win7 Pro say "Services will start". With a Kaspersky Rescue disk an a Win PE it is the same.

      ASUS Support says the CPU is damaged, but when i say "two Workstations with the same problem!?!?", they say "ohhh, the it must be the RAM" :-(

      Google helps us to find the solution:

      Hyperthreating deactivate an reducing the CPU to only 3 cores. It helps, but its not a solution for me.

      Intel say change the voltage from 1,2V to 1,225. Kaspersky Disk like this and worked, but Windows not. RAM from 1,5V to 1,6V but no :-(

      Here my Hardware for two workstations

      Anybody can help???

      ASUS P8B WS B3
      4 x Kingston ECC RAM KVR1333D3E9S/8GB (with 8GB the same) 1,5V -> normal nonECC Corsair RAM
      BeQuiet E8-550W Straight Power -> Enermax 650W
      XEON E3-1270 V1 (3,4GHz/80W)
      PNY Quadro FX4000 -> simple PCIe G-Karte von ASUS
      WD 3000HLHX Raptor 300GB -> 320GB Seagate