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    Intel HD Graphics Color Enhancement Setting Resets Randomly When Programs/Websites Are Opened


      I hope to find an answer to my issue regarding Intel HD Graphics Desktop Graphics color enhancement setting, self-resetting to default randomly whenever I open a program or am prompted to open a pop-up link to connect to a website.


      I have searched Google, various forums and Dell itself to resolve and have found ZERO information...  I've even entertained disabling the HD switchable graphics OFF but have found that is not possible from what I've found in the BIOS or on the web.


      I have even set my NVidia graphics as the default GPU (for what programs are allowed to be changed) in the NVidia control panel, but this does nothing to resolve my issue either...


      My system specs are as follows:


      Dell XPS L502X Laptop

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS (up-to-date)

      Intel i5 2430M CPU

      6 GB DDR 3 Memory

      Intel HD Graphics GPU (up-to-date-driver)

      NVidia 525M GPU (up-to-date driver)

      1366 x 768 LED display


      Thanks in advance for any direction/advice given!