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    Core-i5 3570K video slow to post on GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5H WiFi


      Hi all, I just completed my first real system upgrade in
      about 11 years. All went well, except that for some reason it takes a LONG time
      for my video to post.




      • Core-i5 3570K (HD4000 driver build
      • GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5H Wi-Fi (BIOS F8)(cloning HDMI
        to TV and DVI to Monitor)
      • Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Sp1
      • No flags in Device Manager & all Gigabyte
        drivers updated from manufacturer website


      After login screen, where I enter my password, the screen
      will go black and all I can see is my pointer... this lasts for about a minute
      or sometimes more. During this time the start-up sound will sometimes play, and
      sometimes it won’t. But nothing is loaded on my desktop till it finally posts. Only
      then do all my programs start running like they are supposed to.


      When I first completed my build and installed all the
      drivers, I thought it was a system hang! So I would do a CTRL+ALT+DELETE to get
      to the Task Manager Screen, and it would comes up instantly! Then I would log
      back in and depending on how fast or slow I did this, I could see my desktop.


      The lag happens to both monitors and it does not matter if
      both or just one is plugged in to the motherboard.


      After the computer is up and running I have not noticed any
      artifacts or lags or distortions in the video in either the TV or the Monitor.

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          Hi Ryan


          Try updating your Intel HD Graphics driver to the latest version available here.

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            Having more time to throw at this issue I have been fortunate enough to find a solution!

            In my case that was to uninstall all the motherboard branded software that was bundled with my Mobo.



              • Installed driver mention by Robert_U – still slow
              • Uninstall video driver & software – still slow
              • Forced safemode to test - fast
              • Used "msconfig" to kill ALL "services" and "startup" items - still slow
              • Uninstalled all motherboard branded software – faster
              • Reinstalled graphic software and driver – still faster
              • Reloaded "services" and "startup" programs – almost instant desktop


              • Wi-Fi Share
              • Easy Tune6
              • @BIOS
              • 3D Power
              • On/Off Charge


            From what I can tell those are all the programs I removed... but I might have missed one or two.


            I just removed any software that was "Gigabyte" branded in "uninstall or change programs". All other
            Mobo software seems to cause no issues with load time.


            If someone with this config wants to take the time to find out which of these programs is the offending one, please comment on results.