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    Bios update for DZ77BH-50K


      Hi Intel support,


      when will there be an updated bios for the DZ77BH-50K ? the other boards have gotten several updates already. Given the many problems with the DZ77BH it would be appreciated if you spend some time on fixing issues on that board as well. The latest bios of from April.



      corsair memory does not work in XMP 1600 Mhz mode on the board

      Crashing HD4000 GPU.

      Board does not always boot properly, sometimes multiple resets are needed. ( the latest bios update added this problem)


      The DZ77GA-55K and higher boards got an updated

      SATA rom

      LAN rom

      IG rom

      visual bios





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          I'm not alone then DZ77BH-55K Why no BIOS updates?


          I find it odd there have been no BIOS updates to address the issues with this board, considering the BIOS can't be that different to the BIOS for the DZ77RE-75K as these boards are essentially the same, just one has a few more extras on board.


          This is my third Intel board, not sure I'll buy another at this rate.





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            nope, you're not. I did not see your post, i would have replied to that one.


            I hope others will post to our threads so this gets noticed...


            This is the first time I've had an Intel board of such bad quality, very disappointed. The last one I had was the DP35DP and old board but never had issues like the ones I have now. Next time i buy an Intel board I'll check the forums first, just to be sure.