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    New to Intel SSD


      Looking to purchase a 520 series SSD.


      In the future when I update the firmware -

      I see the download page for the Toolbox, which I then burn as an ISO to a CD.

      Then when I boot to that CD, does my system have to be connected to the internet? or is the new firmware on that bootable CD?


      I ask as I have a OCZ SSD and its bootable (Linux) disk needs internet connection.  For some reason I dont have internet connection, so can not update the firmware.


      Hence my next SSD I am hoping will be easier.

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          I know what you mean about the V4 and the FW download. In the OCZ world, where FW changes more often than the seasons, that is the best way to be sure the latest FW is used.


          Intel is the opposite of that, FW updates are very few and only available for problem fixes. The Intel Toolbox does not download FW when performing an update, at least it never has in the past or now. But since the SSD Toolbox runs in Windows and performs the FW update in Windows, you would not have the problem you had with the OCZ boot disk method.


          Intel has issued new versions of the Toolbox when a FW update for one of their SSDs is available, so they are built into the Toolbox.

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            Thanks for the reply, I almost gave up on this forum as a few days have past.


            When a new firmware is available, does that also mean a new toolbox to install?   With my current SSD- the toolbox includes the  access to the new firmware.  This last weekend I had to install a version of windows 7 on a western digital hard drive, then reconnect the SSD. Then run that brands toolbox to update the firmware.

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              The way Intel has been doing the FW updates recently via the Toolbox, yes you would need to install the new version of the Toolbox to perform the update. IMO, that is not a big deal at all, just download it and install either with or without removing the previous version. That is simply done in the normal Windows environment, no need to run a special boot disk and OS. Much more convenient than the boot disk method. Intel is on the third version of the 3.0 Toolbox since its release, and I've installed each version on multiple PCs with ease, not the slightest problem. IMO, the FW update method via the Intel Toolbox is the easiest method I've ever used.