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    DG41WV Motherboard Problem

    Dipanjan Das

      My brother uses  DG41WV desktop board with Intel Dual Core 3.0GHz E5700 processor & 2 GB DDR3 RAM. The PC has SMPS of 450 Watt ATX-P4.

      When turning on the machine by pressing Power Switch, the processor fan, on-board LED & HDD LED of chasis is turned on but there is no beep sound in in-built speaker & also there is no video in Monitor whether it is connected to VGA port of the board or to the VGA Card. I found all other components like HDD, RAM, Processor, VGA Card & SMPS are in ok condition. The PC was running till last Monday. I checked the parts in different machines. Then, I cleared the CMOS but the problem still exists. Now, what should I do to solve this problem? Please help...