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    After reboot mouse not usable - Nach Neustart Maus "deaktiviert"




      Sometimes after rebooting my Computer (Motherboard: DP43BF), the mouse its only available in the logon-screen.


      After login the LED on the mouse its off and I can't use it.


      When I disconnect and connect the USB plug of the mouse, it works finally.


      I also tried to format and reinstall windows with the new drivers from intel.com but the problem is still there.


      Hope you can help me.


      Greetings from Germany!






      Manchmal erkennt der Computer (Mainboard DP43BF) die Maus nach einem Neustart nicht.

      Diese ist zwar im Login-Bildschirm erreichbar, nach dem Login dann aber nicht mehr.


      Erst das neu Verbinden des USB-Steckers im Mainboard bringt Abhilfe.


      Das Neuaufsetzen von Windows mit neuen Treibern von Intel.com hat leider auch keine Abhilfe gebracht.


      Ich hoffe jemand kann mir da helfen....




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          Hello Morris,

          I understand that your USB mouse will not work once you log on to your Windows* account.

          In regards to your inquire, it is very weird that only your mouse stops working, it may be related to a compatibility issue between the operating system and the mouse.

          From our side I recommend you to update your BIOS and after that to reinstall the INF file for the chipset.

          If problem continues you should test with a different mouse.