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    AXXSW1GB HA and Fault Tolerance


      Hi everybody.


      We're thinking of buying a MFSYS25 chasis blade with two switches AXXSW1GB (adding extra mezzdadines) but we don´t know what is the best way to have fault tolerance, maximum bandwith and high availability.


      Our platform will use Linux redHat and perhaps KVM instead of vmware for virtual machines.


      We've been reading about Fault tolerance feature and teaming in switch (Intel� Modular Server System MFSYS25 — FAQs about the Intel� Gigabit Ethernet Switch AXXSW1GB) but it's not so clear and perhaps it could be better way making a linux bonding between one nic of one switch and one nic of other switch and cross connect both switches. The issue is we would need one port of each switch per VLAN and perhaps we couldn't make LAG/LACP between both switches. Of course, I suppose that spanning tree should be disable.


      Could you please help us about what could be the best way? Teaming NICs by Hw? Bonding NICs by Linux? If we bond using Linux or KVM, could we bond these four NICs? And such case, could we make LAG between ports of these two switches for cross-connect purposes?


      Thank you in advance.