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    Wireless card 4965AGN misrecognized for 4965AG in Win7


      Hi folks,

      Some time ago I replaced my dysfunctional Atheros AR9281 (half sized) in my MSI EX620 with an Intel 4965AGN. I was quite excited to get the N speeds, yet Win7 identified the card as a 4965AG and only let me utilize G speeds. I decided that it was maybe a mistake of the label (since I bought it from a laptop service shop and it was taken out from a dead laptop). However lately I installed Ubuntu 12.04 next to Win7 and noticed that in Ubuntu I get 60-70Mbps and huge improvement in speed compared to Win7. Thus, for the last 3 days I have been fighting with Windows to update the drivers to 15.1.1, but they always stayed at, which is obviously the last update for the 4965AG.


      Why is Win7 confusing the model of the card and how can I fix it?




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          Thank you for your post.

          The issue you describe refers to an integration issue. Our wireless adapters are meant to be installed only by the laptop manufacturers. They need to customize the wireless card to make sure that they are and stay compliant with all regulations, it is common for them to customize the adapter to be limited for certain speeds.

          Unfortunately there is no software workaround for this, you would need to have your computer manufacturer provide and install a supported adapter or you may use a USB wireless adapter.

          The 13.4 version is the latest generic version available for the 3000 and 4000 wireless adapter series.

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            That answer doesn't really pass the sniff test, Nathalie. If there was no "software workaround," then why is it working properly for him under Linux? Seems like the only difference between Win7 and Linux is (guess what?) software. Seems to me this is a shortcoming in the drivers.


            I'm joining the clamor because I'm having an almost identical issue - a 4965AGN (purchased as an upgrade for a 3945ABG in a Gateway C-141X) working flawlessly in Ubuntu (Debian Linux), but has issues under Windows Vista 32. Except in my case, not only does it recognize improperly as a 4965AG in Vista32, but it doesn't work at all (can't find networks, but device mangler.. er.. manager says it's there and working properly). When I try to force it to use 4965AGN drivers, same thing - device mangler says it's working fine, but can't find networks.


            I would REALLY like to be able to use this card. So is there a better answer out there?