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    Graphics problem with Intel HD 3000 in a Samsung NP300V3A


      Hellohello everyone,


      I hope you guys can help me out with the following issue. We have about 20 Samsung NP300V3A laptops, they all have an I5 processor and the Intel HD 3000 Graphics chipset. Sadly we have a major problem with these laptops, we installed Windows 7 Enterprise 64x as we are planning to use them in our domain but the Intel Graphics drivers do not work on the machines. Whatever we try, after installing the drivers we get a Blue Screen Of Death or if we get past that we get the message in device manager: Code 12: This device cannot find enough free recourses it can use.


      I tried using a fully updated version of windows 7 enterprise, didnt work. Tried one without Servicepack 1, didnt work. I always get the same result, or blue screen of death or the device not being useable. Tried 4 different version of the drivers, all give the same result. Tried the ones from windows update, didnt work. Tried to free resource by turning all the other devices the laptop has off in the device manager, didnt work.


      The weirdest thing is that when we got the laptops they had Windows 7 home premium installed, the version Samsung gives out. The videocard works fine with that installation so it almost looks like the drivers do not like Windows 7 Enterprise :s.


      Does anyone had this problem before or knows a resolution to this? If there is more information needed i will gladly give it.

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          Have you tried installing the Intel HD Graphics drivers posted on the Samsung support site for the NP300V3A? Also, be sure to install the Chipset Driver from the NP300V3A support site before installing the graphics driver.

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            Thank you for your reply!


            We installed all the available drivers from the Samsung Support website including the Chipset drivers. I installed the chipset drivers before i started with the videodrivers. The videodrivers are also a 2 part system with these laptops. First you have to install the Intel drivers, then you can install Nvidia drivers(All from the Samsung website). When i install the intel drivers and reboot, i get a blue screen of death in an infinite loop. If i install the intel drivers, then dont reboot, install the nvidia drivers and reboot, windows is starting but it gives Code 12 on the Intel HD 3000 in device manager. When you try to install the nvidia drivers before installing the intel drivers you get the message that your product is not supported so there is no option of installing the nvidia drivers before the intel ones.


            it looks like its a problem with Windows 7 Enterprise but i cannot confirm that yet. We are now waiting on Windows 7 Ultimate to arrive so we can try and install that on the laptops with the issues, see if that helps out. What i also tried was installing Windows 7 Enterprise from a cd without any updates from microsoft, then installing the hardware drivers, same result. Also fully updated windows(with SP1), same result. I am kinda out of ideas now so any advice is appreciated!

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              Because these systems are "Switchable Graphics" system, I would strongly recommend only using the graphics drivers supplies by Samsung. Also, if you aare unable to get it working properly, I would recommend contacting Samsung support. Also, Win 7 Enterprise should not be a factor.