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    Intel HD 3000 & GT540M Full Screen Problems




      This problem started with the new Tom Clansy game Future Solider. I cant get the game to play in fullscreen. My hardware is an Asus N53SV laptop with a Intel HD Graphics 3000 and a Nvidia GT540M, running Win7 64bit. (I've just finished Mass Effect without any problems like this one)


      Problem: The game is set to run in 1280x720 - and so it does, literally. My desktop is full hd 1920x1080, and what i end up with when starting the game is a windows mode in 1280x720 (out of 1920x1080) with black bars for the lost pixels on the side and top.


      Some fixes tried (everything on the first three pages if you google "Intel HD 3000 full screen problems"):


      1: Drivers update, and rollback on both on the Intel and Nvidia card. No change.

      2: I've set the game to run using only the Nvidia card in the(rather limited) Nvidia controll center under 3D options, rather than the Intel card.

      3: In the Intel Graphics Center, I've tried changing the "Scaling option" - but it's kinda hard when I only got one option: "Keep Scaling". Altso tried to change this option through the "advanced" bar in the original windows desktop resolution page but with only the same one option.

      4: I've tried the ctrl+alt+f11 solution with nothing but a black screen.

      5: I've changed the resolution and every other variables in the game .cfg file, still no change.

      6: I've tried waiting, hoping that the human beeing who at some point figured out that "hey, lets give them an option to run games in windows mode - and then we dont give them an option to fix it! Hohoho!" got fired, and his replacement made a fix and released some new drives. Seems like he still is an employee though.


      I'm so tired of this problem that I got slight problems expressing it enough. How on earth can such a problem be so hard to fix - and why was it there in the first place? It seems like the Nvidia and Intel control centers are having a really bad relationship.


      Anyways, I hope you guys can crack this nut for me. Thanks for all help!