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    Intel P4 with D865GBF Computer dont start bios not initializing, no display




      I have a desktop computer, which is:


      Intel P4 2.8 ghz with Intel D865GBF mother board, 2 GB ram installed, with 80 GB seagate sata.


      For last few days when I press power button computer wont start. Green power light turns on, CPU fan runs, mother board led works, CD drive starts but there is no display on monitor (BenQ 17 LCD).


      I tried to reset CMOS - nothing happened

      I replaces RAMs - nothing happened

      Removed dust - nothing happened

      Removed all attached cards - nothing happened


      But when I re-installed CPU FAN it worked but worked for 2 days then again gone in same state. So again I did that and it worked but gone mad. So this time I cleaned fan & processor and replaced TIM (Thermal interface), this time it worked for 3 days but today again went silent in same state.


      Now I have no idea why its happening, one thing changed these days is increased humidity level here upto 95%. Any idea for possible cause and fixes for this?



      Just updated the BIOS but result is same. If I remove the fan, system starts but quickly (within 3-5 sec) goes off due to overheating. Then again if I refit the fan systems starts normally but dont restart again. So refitting FAN again n again is the only option left to start system. (what a mad problem it is)