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    Driver v2792 x64 "Quake4" & "Timeshift" (ig7icd32 filename not available) !


      Hallo Intel Teams,

      i have windows 7 x64 but i installed the win8 driver version 2792, becuse changelog file sad this driver is with win7 compatible.

      The Driver is very nice and has OpenGL 4.0 support. With it i have on id-software Rage, 20% more performance.

      Now i started my Quake4 game to test it, but it crashed after Loading the Map. in the Crash Dump it show, problem is ig7icd32.dll.

      In windows7 Log i see same error message.

      This message i saw by Game Timeshift to with any Intel HD Graphics Driver version.

      Can you please check it what is wrong ?





      Intel i7-3770

      Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3

      16GB G-Skill Sniper DDR3 1600MHz

      SB Recon3D

      1TB Intel Raid0 HDD

      Win7 x64 ultimate sp1