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    Errors reported - Intel Smart Connect Technology - any advice?


      This Intel SCT is new to me, can anyone advise how to check/fix this in easy steps?

      I'm using a gigabyte H61MA-D2V motherboard, only ethernet LAN connection is broadband router.  Could be wrong but I thought my setup would be compatible.


      Keep getting notifications along with error log entries as follows:-



      Log set to file on 18.07.2012, at 03:14:55:618

      Executable: C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology Agent\iSCTAgent.exe

      Compile time : Jun 29 2012 15:06:15

      ProcessID: 0x5f4 iSCT Build Version # Log File Size: 5MB


      03:14:55:628,[t:0x610] : iSCT error notification has been enabled. [L=1][M=ISCT]

      03:14:55:658,[t:0x610] : *****Unable to enumerate device interfaces, error=0x103 [L=2][M=ISCT]

      03:14:55:658,[t:0x610] : *****Unable to open the IRST device driver [L=2][M=ISCT]

      03:14:55:658,[t:0x610] : iRST driver does not exist [L=1][M=ISCT]

      03:14:58:838,[t:0x610] : Thermal driver on startup reports current delta 69, threshold 50 [L=2][M=ISCT]

      03:14:58:938,[t:0x8EC] : OEM default registry path does not exist. [L=1][M=ISCT]

      03:15:00:573,[t:0x8EC] : OEM default registry path does not exist. [L=1][M=ISCT]

      03:15:00:589,[t:0x8EC] : Net Detect:  Entering Initialize  [L=3][M=ISCT]

      03:15:00:589,[t:0x8EC] : Net Detect:  Error Loading PROSet Library Error=0x2\n [L=3][M=ISCT]

      03:15:00:589,[t:0x8EC] :  Failed to initialize the NetDetect feature, status = 0x2 [L=0][M=ISCT]

      03:16:24:395,[t:0x8E8] :  Client disconnected. [L=1][M=ISCT]

      03:17:39:265,[t:0x8E8] :  Client disconnected. [L=1][M=ISCT]