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    Compatibility query regarding WX58bp Workstation M/B & Nvidia 560 GTX video card


      Hi all


        I have the following configuration , Core i7 950 processor , WX58bp workstation Motherboard 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM and Nvidia 9500 GT 1 GB video card . I am planing to replace the video card with a Nvidia 560 GTX  2GB video card . My query is , will the Nvidia 560 GTX video card pose any compatibility issues the the WX58bp motherboard ? Also in future can I add another SLI Nvidia card , since the mother board has two PCI Express slots .


      I am asking this because few years ago I had an compatibility issue with a Intel motherboard and a Nvidia 8600 video card . The solution was to replace the Intel motherboard with a XFX motherboard with a N-Force chipset .