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    PC only boots up after a long time

    Mohamed Yaseen A

      Bought an assembled computer on year 2007


      Configuration :

      *Intel DX58SO Mother board

      *Transcend 2x2 gb ram

      *NVDIA 9800 GT 1GB

      *HUNTKEY 550W SMPS

      *CORE i7 Processor

      *Cooler Master Cabinet

      *Window 7 professional OS


      Usually leave the computer on for a week or two because of downloads

      and play high graphic games every two days or so.


      Now I am having this problem of computer not switching on as needed.

      It only switch's on if I keep the power cord in on mode for a long time and then press the power button.

      The green light on the mother board keeps on blinking, so is the mother board led near the 9 pin power supply and the restart led on the cabinet.


      I have checked the cabinet switches connected to the Mother board, the CMOS battery and the power chord. All seem to be fine.


      I am thinking the problem might be with the SMPS.


      Have any one else faced such issue or does anyone have any solution for this......!!!