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    DG45ID - Intel VT Support

      I have a Intel DG45ID motherboard on which I'd like to run Server 2008 and Hyper-V.


      I bought a Q8200 processor which I know know doesn't support VT.  I have recently learned that both Q8200 and Q8300 processors lack VT technology support (Contrary to intels website, which a few weeks back suggested all Quad cores came with VT support).


      My question is will the DG45ID motherboard support VT if I provide it with a VT processor such as a Q9300?

      (See here for VT capable Quad cores: http://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ParentRadio=All&ProcFam=2774&SearchKey)


      I can not see any settings in the BIOS which suggest its VT capable. Perhaps it requires a VT processor before showing any VT options but I'd like an expert to confirm it before i part with a few hundred dollars for a new proc