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    D2500HN blue screen when trying to install XP

    Lester Caine

      Having installed XPHome32 onto a DN2800MT I was not expecting any problems with the D2500HN boards which I need the parallel port from to run a couple of CNC machines, but having tried three different installation disks, I get a blue screen crash when the installer switches to starting windows. I've updated the bios to 071 and there seems to be nothing wrong with either board. I did try running the disk from the DN2800MT on the board, but that just keeps rebooting before opening the logo screen, and gives the start-up options from then on.

      SHOULD XP run on a D2500HN? I don't really want to buy W7 licenses when I still have XP ones, and the software package that is all that will run on the machine doesn't really need anything moe than W2k which is what is running on the older controller