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    HM77 VT-d support?



      Here is my situation:

      1. I have a HM77 chipset with a i5-3210M (rPGA version, which doesn't support Intel VT-d)

      2. I have a new i5-3320M (rPGA version), and according to Intel Ark Website, it supports Intel VT-d. But I need some confirmations from Intel...

      3. I'm wondering if I replace the i5-3210M with the new i5-3320M, and use it with HM77, will Intel VT-d work?


      So the simple question is: If the CPU support Intel VT-d, but the chipset doesn't, will it work at all? Thank you.

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          No, to use Intel Vt-d you need processor that support VT-d _AND_ chipset that support VT-d _AND_ motherboard BIOS that support Vt-d. If you wish to use VT-d you should find motherboard that have VT-d option in BIOS and have correct DMAR table. Some motherboards such as Asus and Gigabyte build on chipsets that supports VT-d but their BIOS don’t have VT-d support. You can find more detailed information at http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/VTd_HowTo

          You can find the processors that support VT-d here http://ark.intel.com/search/advanced?VTD=true

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            I've booked one Acer laptop powered by i7 3632qm processor which supports vt-d technology.

            From Acer I came to know that the laptop has got HM77 chipset mobo, part no NB.C0A11.001


            Any idea whether this device will support vt-d? Can I upgrade my BIOS to support this? I confirmed from Acer this will not void my warranty unless I introduce some problem during the upgrade.


            Many thanks..

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              Kalyan82, in your case, it will be necessary to contact Acer, since we have generic drivers and our BIOS versions are made for Intel Motherboards.

              So, Acer would be the perfect contact in order to get detail information on your laptop. If there is a BIOS update that will add VT-d support on your system, they should give you the instructions on how to perform it.