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    Intel DP43BF will not Boot/Post No beep codes

    Trenton Epperson

      I have a brand new Intel DP43BF that I am building a PC with. When I turn it on it powers on for 4 seconds, then shuts off then powers back on and stays on with no Power/HDD LED or Keyboard lights. The fans are the only things that run. There are no beeps or post screens to read.


      My setup is

      Intel Core 2 Duo E6750

      Kingston KTL-TCM58/2G (4) 2GB memory sticks

      BFG 650 Watt power supply

      Nvidia GeForce 7900 GTX


      Things I have tried so far (in order of what was removed):

      • Unplugged everything from the power supply except for the motherboard
      • Only used 1 2GB stick of ram.
      • Took out the video card

      All of the things I have tried have had the same results.


      The only thing I can think that it could be is a bad CPU? The CPU, GPU, and power supply are used. The power supply and GPU were working when i removed them from the other PC. The CPU was pulled from a mobo with bad caps.


      Thank you,

      Trenton Epperson