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    Several problems with DX79SI


      mpBIOS 0515

      Win 7 Pro 64

      32GB (8 x 4GB Kingston 1600Mhz), with XMP profile enabled

      3960x running at stock frequency

      Intel 520 series 240GB SSD as boot drive.

      GTX 670


      I bought the Motherboard/CPU/SSD via a friend who works at Intel via the Employee Purchase Program,


      1. One of the FP USB2.0 headers doesn't work at all(the right most one), I looked at the circuit, the ESD protection and the two chokes are missing.

      2. The boot priority order in the bios can not be changed at all,.

      3. System does not wake up from sleep (s3).


      Since this is not from a retail vendor, does warranty still apply ?