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    wirelessN130 Mywifi Problem


      Hi there,

      I got laptop provided with Intel N130 wireless adapter.

      Actually everythings ok with wireless. but i got problem with new intel my wifi dashboard.

      Everythings ok with 1 before drivers. wifi works mywifi share works. But when i was updated latest version of N130 everythings ruined.

      Mywifi dashboard is allways closes hotspot ability it self. I am not touching anything or i cant find any settings for these,it closes it self.

      But only Hotspot function. so strange. if i manually open hotspot again it opens without problems, but inwhile closes it again.

      Is there any idle time out something that i couldnt find in the settings? or is there something wrong?


      ps: driver version 15.1.1, dashboard 15.1.1

      Regards mywifi

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          Thank you for your post.

          The Intel® My WiFi Dashboard is designed to turn off the hotspot if you are not connecting any devices after a couple of minutes or if the connection is idle for some time. This time frame cannot be changed; it is designed this way for security.

          If you prefer using the previous tool (Intel® My WiFi technology) you would need to uninstall the dashboard and the drivers then load driver version 14.3.

          You may download this version at the link below, just select your Operating System, and scroll down to driver/software version 14.3 “Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows 7….”

          I hope this helps.

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            Thans for your reply and helpfull answer. i was tried that and its ok .but thats so strange. intel should or at least leave that decision to user. at the end i dont think any or simple user can use that ability even they so many of them dont know that feature. there can be a setting for idle timer. with this i cant use latest driver till the intel do smthng for this.

            anyway thank you so much again.

            best regards...Nathalie