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    S1200BTL LED Code error

    Ian Melton

      Hi there,


      I recently built a new server using the Intel S1200BTL motherboard with a Xeon E3 CPU.


      On this board is a Adaptec 6805E RAID controller which has 4 Seagate Enterprise SAS drives,


      The issue I am having from the get go is no boot / no display - nothing. The fans all spin but I get nothing from the system. I have tried disconnecting everything except one stick RAM, Front Panel and PSU but the same condition applies.


      Looking at the LED Diagnostic I see:


      OOOO XXXO and a little orange LED flashing


      This would indicate 0xF1 code : PEIM which detected User recovery Condition (I think)


      What is this and how can I fix it so I can boot the board? Nothing I try seems to work....


      Can anyone give some advice?