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    I need Graphic card driver(Windows XP) for Intel 3600


      Dear All ,


      I bought a HP mini 110 4218 TU with basic dos on which i upgraded Windows XP( i find it much faster and convenient unlike  ****** windows 7 and windows 8 ) .Unfortunately i had the worst graphic card ever since because my notebook comes  with graphic card ->Intel 3600 series and i am made to understand that it only has drivers in windows 7 .My whole point is that when it was advertised for windows XP ,why the senseless issue in now backing out .Also i understand that windows XP driver for intel 3600 series was supposed to come out by july .....

      so ,i really dont know whether Intel has  already has released a XP driver for its Intel 3600 graphic series .If yes ,can someone be kind enough to help guid eme since i am in urgent need of it ,


      I am very sure that there may be millions like me who are in need of the drivers ,



      I will deeply deeply appreciate a reply ,



      Regards ,