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    help, ram memory problems


      Hello, im new here, and i need help.


      i want to ask about a ram memory i recently bought, if it is compatible with my notebook, or if  it is causing some of my problems or not.

      I don really know about ram, so i asked the seller what ram to buy.


      the memory I bought is   CMSO8GX3M1A1333C9    8GB SODIMM valueCorsair,  DDR3-1333

      and my notebook already had 2x 4GB memorys  mt16ktf51264hz-1g6m1  DDR3-1600

      so i put one old plus the new one getting 12 GB ram (my notebook cap is 16gb).


      but i have got some problems, like "random" freezes/restarts,  half  ram data transferece speed from novabench benchmarks, and the turboBoost of my pc seem to be disabled after the freezes, now can´t run faster than the  normal frequency (i can see it with the intel turbo boost monitor).

      i read, that value ram is cheaper but cant handle overclocks and i think it could be causing the freezes.


      my pc is a hp pavilion dv6-6c80la HP Pavilion dv6-6c80la Entertainment Notebook PC Product Specifications - HP technical support (Andorra - English)


      and if it is not compatible, what ram should i buy, i only want to upgrade the GB keeping the speed , performance etc


      im sorry if i forget to mention something,  or if it is the wrong place to post it.

      pls i´m waiting for an answer, help.

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          Víctor and frisor,


          I suggest contacting your laptop manufacturer for support. They are the ones familiar with your system's compatibility and support for it.



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            hi again, as i read in some webs that putting two diferent size memorys together (or diferent brands) can cause problems, or  even to test if it was because of an 8GB memory limit, i tried to put only the new 8GB memory alone, to see if that solve the problem, but  nothing new, i had the same random shutdown/restarts, i even got one after pressing restart, with 0 aplications on and after i had reseted my notebook.


            So i called the hp support team (there were some other problems too), and when i asked, he said "there shouldn´t be any problem with that ram", so my conclusion was that the memory i bought was failing, I went to where i bought to get a solution, and now they are "testing it", and im waiting.