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    restarts DP67BG and 16G KHX1600c9d3 1.5V



      This is the configuration of my PC:

      Intel DP67BG motherboard

      Intel i7 2600k processor

      4 x 4 GB KHX1600c9d3  1.5V

      BeQuiet DarkPower 850 W PSU (later tested XFX 550 W)

      Gigabyte HD 6770 gpu

      WD Green 1 TB

      WD Black 1 TB

      Samsung SSD 830 120GB

      Patriot Pyro SSD 120GB

      On Tuesday I will have a UPS APC Smart 700.

      Now, my problem.

      I bought Intel DP67BG motherboard and dedicated Kingson memory to have a stable system. Unfortnatelly, for the last 2 months I have every day restarts. When I work for a couple of hours, there are multiple restarts without any warning, without any blue window. Kernel Power failure - this is the description in the event log. No other reports, nothing to tell what exactly failed.

      I have really enough of it. I replaced a PSUs, but the problems contjnue. I tried working withh only a half of my memory (8 GB) - there were no restarts then but I might have worked on 8 GB too short to get a restart.

      After the restart that occurrs at different times in a day I cannot boot the computer again. I have to wait for 15 - 20 minutes, otherwise it stops on Bios boot or freezes on the system start or freezes when the system started. Sometimes I get next restarts when I try to start the PC too quickly.


      Yesterday when I tried to start the computer there were restarts and after a couple of them 3 long beeps which mean a failure of the memory.


      Today in the morning I booted the PC again without any problems and changed memory frequency from 1600 to 1333. If I get another restart I am going to try 1066.


      I am very angry and tired, I will welcome any suggestions what is wrong with my PC. I removed and put back memory chips, I even ordered on Friday a good UPS but I don't believe it is the problem with the power. My previous PC never restarted and was connected to the same electrical outlet.


      In my opinion, it is either the motherboard (I run the latest Bios) or the memory that is the cause of these problems.


      In my opnion, it is the memory controller on DP67BG that cannot handle 16GB of RAM at 1600 speed.


      However, I read on the internet that people who have this board do have 16GB of 1600 RAM and have no problems. So is my board faulty or my memory and how on earth can I tell which one should be replaced if restarts are random and after many hours of working on the computer (temperatures are always low, only FSB is 60C).


      Shall I have to buy a new memory? It is expensive but I am so tired that I will buy it if it can help me. Just tell my what memory to buy - I need 16GB of RAM without high radiators. I have been thinking about Corsair. (I contacted Kingston and they told me to figure out which chipset is faulty and send them only one of 4 chips that I have. They will not replace all 4 chips that I bought. I cannot do that, restarts are too random and I need 16GB to work on my PC. I need this PC to work. So I have to buy a new memory to decide whether it is the memory or the motherboard. ).


      So please, anyone, what is wrong with my PC. Motherboard and memory are 2 months old, they are under warranty. But what if this is the construction of the motherboard that is wrong and cannot work with so much memory and this fast and demanding processor. Shall I replace memory or the motherboard? Shall I claim warranty replacement of the motherboard or memory?

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          It seems that you have covered most of the troubleshooting for this kind of issues, all components are fully compatible. Take the system out of the chassis and test with one memory module at the time and without memory looking for beep codes. Proceed to replace the motherboard if the issue persists.

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            I have a new observation. Today I worked with the memory with lowered frequency (still the same Kingston memory chips) - not 1600 but 1333, The PC did not reboot, but froze which is a kind of an improvement. When the system froze there was a code on the motherboard electronic indicator and it said "Od", whatever this means.

            I am still working without UPS (I received it today) because I want to see whether changing the RAM frequency makes the PC more stable. As for today, the PC only froze - yes, I had to reboot it manually, but there was no spontaneous restart.

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              Try use memtest


              download a USB version, boot with it and wait 1/2h

              If you see a red line, there are a problem with one of your memorys

              So try one by one with this software to identify the problem.

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                Thank you all for your help and advice. Finally, I solved my problem. Reboots and freezes were caused by Kingston HyperX memory. It did fine in memory tests but after a while it was rebooting the motherboard. I replaced it with Kingston ValueRam memory and after some hick-ups (despite newest Bios, mobo initially refused working with 32GB RAM and emited three long beeps - after some work everything worked fine) .

                The motherboard works now at 1333 mghz but there are no problems whatsoever and I can enjoy 32GB RAM.

                Thank you!